Jerry Liu


j e r r y j l i u 9 8 [at] g m a i l

I recently joined Robust Intelligence as an ML Eng Manager! Working with brilliant researchers/engineers to help secure AI as its usage explodes around the world. Shoot me an email if you’re interested!

Previously, I was a Research Scientist at Uber ATG, working on advancing state-of-the-art for learning-based compression as well as joint prediction/planning. I’m broadly interested in generative models, IL/RL, as well as practical applications derived from the latest research. Before that I was a machine learning engineer at Quora, where I worked on the feed ranking system. I graduated summa cum laude from Princeton in ‘17 with a B.S.E in CS and certificate in finance.

I also follow the startup community and am interested in understanding products and emerging growth opportunities in b2b, MLOps, and hard-tech robotics. I enjoy reading ML papers, reading non-ML books, eating spicy food, and playing a variety of social games.

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You can access my resume here. My LinkedIn, Twitter, Github can be accessed from the left. My Google Scholar is here. I’m not currently active on Quora but you can read some of my older answers here.

Also follow me on Clubhouse (@jerryl)!